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We would like to start out by saying Welcome to Love It Chat 4 U! We are a free online sex chat service, we provide adult chat rooms around the world. We also provide chat rooms hosting using the worlds #1 chat platform 123 Flash Chat. The company is shut down now, but our company has been trying to update their HTML5 Chat to be more stable.

Our online chat service uses the best servers that hosting companys have to offer, this is the make sure our users have the best availble experience on our site.

Admin Email: admin@loveitchat4u.com


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Our free online sex chat room is made for adult pleasurement. Nudity is allowed in this room. You MUST be 18 years or older to be in this room.
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Enjoy chatting! (welcome to video chat room)

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ZoZo Chat
Adults only chatroom! Enjoy sexy chat with other like minded adults! (18+)

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We are the worlds leading comunnity sex chat / adult chat site. Hello, my name is Shiner. I am the Owner / CEO of Love It Chat 4 U. I will be telling you about myself and our website today. There is a few main things I will be talking about, these points will explain how I started out scripting and what made me want to create this website. As of March 20th 2017, a very close friend and I are the only people that are super admins. Super admins are people who have full control of the chat room...
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